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44: coffee orange liqueur

February 28, 2014



44 days later

44 days later

This recipe really intrigued me, I found it on a website and just had to try it. It is a traditional European aperitif made using an orange, coffee beans, sugar, and grain alcohol (vodka can also be used if you can’t get grain alcohol)

As you can see, the orange is pierced, and studded with roasted coffee beans, the soaked in alcohol for 44 days with sugar. It looked really weird so of course i just had to try it.

44: coffee orange liqueur
44: coffee orange liqueur
  1. First wash the orange.
  2. Take a sharp knife and make 44 slits in the orange, into each slit poke a coffee bean, you need to push it in firmly to ensure it doesn't pop out again.
  3. Place the orange into a large jar (1.5 to 2 ltr is big enough) and cover with the sugar.
  4. Pour over the vodka, and seal the jar. Be sure to shake it up every once in a while to ensure the sugar dissolves.
  5. Leave in a cool dark place for 44 days. Don't forget to make a note of the date you began, or the date it will be ready to bottle, I made a note on the calendar.
  6. After 44 days, strain the liquid off the orange, decant into bottles, and enjoy chilled.
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