Does that mean I need to go scuba diving?

“Who’s Cherry?” not that I’m jealous at all, just curious.

Having been woken for a cuddle by the 12 year old, who had subsequently departed to play shoot ‘em up video games on his PC, I was lying awake this morning listening to my Dearest snore when suddenly he spoke. I always know when he is dreaming about work because he speaks in a loud authoritative voice which I think of as his Boardroom Voice, “Cherry, does that mean I need to go scuba diving to collect it?” it’s not often one enjoys a good belly laugh in bed but I roared with laughter, imagining my beloved in a wet suit was enough to make me laugh out loud.
I nudged him awake with a sharp elbow to the ribs, saying “you don’t need to go scuba diving Love…… And who’s Cherry?” He rolled over and smiled, I got a cuddle but no answer, “Who’s Cherry?” not that I’m jealous at all, just curious. “Gerry” he replied finally, “I was talking to my Boss Gerry, I was driving up the motorway in the Volvo” (we don’t have a Volvo, sadly) ” when I hit a shopping trolley and crashed the car, a lorry came to collect the wreck, but a man was throwing bits of the Volvo into the River Ribble” explain that if you can!


We used to have a Volvo, I loved that car


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