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The Old Girl’s dead, are we downhearted? Not at all!

November 16, 2012

In case you may be wondering, sadly the old jalopy died and was towed away to the scrap heap. Fortunately, being a sensible girl, I had a little money put aside in case of this very eventuality, and so we now have a shiny new (to us at least) BMW parked outside the house. My Dearest is the proud owner, (well registered keeper at any rate) of a very smart BMW 320 D touring, which he says he will let me drive occasionally. He is so pleased with it he keeps looking out of the window to admire it! He even goes out and sits in it, and tomorrow he is going to clean and polish it. Aww, bless! My little precious MX5 is still taxed and on the road until the end of the month, but as the weather forecasters are promising us snow, and plenty of it, I shall be following my previous plan and tucking her up for the winter by December.

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